Olde World Bakery and Bistro

Our History

It really started with a seed. One of those seeds of dreams and passions. This is a seed of family. Love. Sitting around the supper table and sharing meals and conversation together. Summer. Gathering at the outdoor table and white linen dinner parties in the old barn, deer and wild turkey grazing in the pasture, fresh air, rolling green Ohio hills, bubbling brooks and blue skies. Summer. The Big Garden was my outlet for artistic expression, arches and winding garden paths, scarlet flowers on teepees and towering golden Mexican Marigolds. Hard work, sweat running down my face, the smell of dirt in my toes. Harvest. A plethora of organic nutrition from heirloom vegetables- beans, tomatoes, fresh greens of all kinds- herbs and edible flowers- my hobby, my passion, my contribution to good health and thankful hearts. And filling my pantry with this natural goodness and the hope of sustenance for the coming cold winter months.

This was the seed. Knowing the truth- this was God’s plan all along- pure fresh real food- feeding us, keeping us healthy. Family.

This was the seed. Developing a taste for pure fresh real food. Grinding my spelt berries into flour and baking fresh breads and desserts. Feeding my family. Feeding my friends. Feeding strangers. Gathering and giving thanks. …And playing whiffle ball games in the field!

And the seed grew. Out from the green country hills, the vine spread to other people, other businesses who care about what they are feeding their customers. This was the birth of Olde World Bakery. Olde World recipes. Olde World traditions and techniques. Olde World flavor and style.

Our Future

And the seed transplanted into the heart of Amish country, Holmes County, Ohio. Olde World Bakery and Bistro- where we transform wholesome food into works of art. Where you’ll never leave hungry and you’ll never feel alone.

We are committed to building relationships in our community, to partnering with area farmers and businesses, bringing the very best of meals to our tables for all to enjoy.